The Redwood Mysteries: The Lost Story of Annie Brown

Above is the Physics Story Book me and my groupmates have submitted for the 1st Quarter as our creative output, uploaded as promised. I’m quite pleased with the pages I have done especially the cover. I could have done more detailed pages but unfortunately, time doesn’t permit.  I was overwhelmed when we got a perfect score and it was one of the chosen outputs to be part of the PAASCU accreditation. And of course, I laughed at Sir Virata, our Physics teacher, with the comments he gave.

Text accompanying the illustrations:

“Annie! Into my office dear!” Mrs. Wickette the head mistress of Little Thumbs Orphanage yelled. I expected this day to be yet another dull and boring one in this sullen hell hole. The kids here are all the same, lost and waiting. As I scrambled to Mrs. Wickette’s office, I felt a surge of hope. That maybe, just maybe, someone would adopt me. With my heart in my mouth, I pushed myself into the office and picked up the reciever. “Hello?” I asked “Annie, dear, it me Mrs. Brown, your new mommy…” a soothing warm voice answered me.

After the conversation, my tears started to fall.

For the first time, I felt like smiling.

I hurriedly got my belongings from the wooden shelf and got up exceedingly early the next day.  Mommy said that I should be at Redwoods, the Northern District by 8am tomorrow, infront of a  little ancestral house by the woods. As I left the orphanage,again, I smiled to myself. My journey to a new world has begun. This could be my chance to feel loved again.The feeling of being a part of a family.

I’m free. Finally.

Page 2

As I traveled North in a steady walking pace,

the buildings seem to fade and the forest grew thicker.

The house was old, it was on the right side of the road.

I went down and stood exactly where the gate opened.

As I went closer to the house, I suddenly slowed

down from my steady and excited phase.

After a few moments I realized that the

house was empty.

There was no warmth, no family, nothing.

 It was like the same dull building.

The only difference was it had this certain aura. It was one with the woods.

 Page 3

Knowing that Mommy would be coming after a few weeks,

 I decided to look around, well, clean the place too.

I fixed everything back into place

as the day came to an end.

 Afterwards, I realized that I hadn’t cleaned the attic yet.

With the same pace I had while cleaning the house,

I went up the attic using the barely used wooden stairs.

The attic was dusty and humid. After looking through

some items, I saw a this glowing object on the floor.

With caution and trembling fingers,

 I picked it up and saw a locket.

 It was beautiful.

It had the golden frame that when struck

with light, it glimmered.

 And in between the golden frames was cover

 of a locket that seemed to have an hourglass figure

that had a red-like substance.

Page 4

As I cleaned the attic I put on my new found locket.

I decided to cook my meal for the night.

 I  rested on the chair and prayed.

 Before eating, I delicately used the fork.

And suddenly, without noticing, I dropped it.

I heard disturbing noises.

There were screams, agony and torture

 infused in voices of women.

It was terrifying.

I was thinking that I was only paranoid

about myself being alone in this house.

So I got a knife, an axe and a bag.

 I decided to go to the woods before the day ends.

  I knew it would calm me down.

Page 5

I passed through the back door and continued to venture out to the woods.

Page 6

After gathering enough firewood for the next few days,

I stopped by a stream in the woods and got a drink.

To my surprise, a reflection of a masked man

whom I didn’t know appeared.

I calmed myself down.

After my musings, it seemed that the image

was reflected by my locket.

I tried to get it off my neck.

I couldn’t.

I repeatedly attempted to remove it

and it looked like I was strangling myself.

Page 7

After my attempts, the locket started to glow.

 It had a luminous red light and it started to float.

 I panicked and started standing, and all of a sudden

 this big dark demon bursted out of the locket.

I stood still and stared at him.

He was..he was…he was the face that I saw in the stream.

 I avoided staring at him and tried to make

 an image out of my peripheral view.

He wore a French mask  like the ones from

Commedia dell’artes that tried to kill

 people from his captured men.

Afterwards, I screamed my lungs out

and ran. I ran like all the

 evil in the world were chasing me.

 I was speeding up and I headed for the backdoor.

Page 8

With his husky evil laugh he rushed toward

me yelling that he needed me.

His red eyes were glowing with

somewhat lust and need.

He was trying to tell me that he needed me to fill out

his locket together with other screaming souls.

He’d give everything to me, he said.

He won’t hurt me. But still I ran. I ran for my life.

As I slowed down and reached the backdoor,

The doorknob didn’t crack open.

Page 9

I saw a gleaming light and to my astonishment, it was a sign of my religion. The Holy Cross. With the remaining courage that I had, I lunged for it. With the speed  that I thought could save my life, it failed me. I thought I was fast enough.

Page 10

My sight started to dim and after a few moments, it all went pitch black.  I awakened to a dim and damp belly of this filthy monster. What bothers me is that I could see the outside.

He seems to be roaming around the secluded Northern District with a constant speed. As I try to decipher my unfortunate surroundings in his belly, I feel something. Something within me. Its changing. I’m changing. Into his kind.

Page 11

I transformed into a demon I could not explain,

and as I changed, I became stronger.

I pounded at his neck,

at his chest at every

part of him I

could reach.

I’m half myself now.

And the demon I’m in is getting

weaker and weaker by the moment.

He was slowing down, roaming in the woods.

Then I felt it. The sudden push of my claws and my teeth were developed. My new body tore at the demon and ripped him into pieces. Then that was it. I was reborn. I am a demon now. I won’t let this happen. No.

Page 12

I tried to get rid of myself. I’m not evil. I’m lost. I’m a lost little girl. I roam around the forest with constant speed. Thinking. Just thinking of one thing. Someone to take my place. Someone to remove this curse. I have to get back to the orphanage.

Let the cycle begin.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy flipping through the storybook!

If you are wondering why the story is vague, it was done on purpose.

You do the thinking.

S.S. signing out.

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