Sounds of the Week: Washed Out and Pogo

This is the one of the recent materials that Washed Out has produced for his new album, “Paracosm”. Washed out , also known as Ernest Greene, is an American electronic musician that draws influence from hip hop for his songwriting references.  Also, he was also identified to as a part of the musical movement called “Chillwave” that  is heavy on synths, loops and effects processing. He produces music that may be compared to the ones that Tame Impala produces especially if “It All Feels Right” will be compared to “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” which intersect at the points of  the vocal styles ,use of synthesizers and the hazy, distorted dance pop influence on most of their tracks.  

Above are my  two favorite tracks from Nick Bertke’s collection of film inspired clips that he has mixed and processed. Basically, what he does is he gets different chords from the different tunes and dialogues of the characters or anything from the movie and whips them up to create a melodious concoction. I  instantly fell in love with Alice and Bloom. Listening to it draws me to another dimension I cannot explain. Again, it is heavy on process and looping.

So in conclusion, the sounds of the week were…


The perfect word to describe the bunch I’ve listened to.

I hope you guys will enjoy listening to them as well.

Hoping everyone will eventually be safe and dry during the typhoon!

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