Back To That Phase + Your Life is a Lie by MGMT



The first two photos were taken when I was currently doing my illustrations for a storybook project for our Physics class. Though I haven’t scanned all of the 12 pages, I will hopefully get it back soon to scan it to share them here together with the story. The title of the book is The Redwood Mysteries: The lost story of Annie Brown


Above is a picture of a work in progress for my club output. And as I have mentioned, it is connected to Asylum.


The photo above is my favorite photo from a bunch I’ve taken by myself inside my room for our own drapery and still life composition. And I won’t lie, as you see, I attempted to edit the photo by placing a flower crown on my head because I couldn’t repeat the great photo again….


And lastly, Hey Monet!, an art collective for an Entrepreneurship output for class, will be featuring my works together with the works of Camille Luy, Janine Ulob and Patricia Salonga on art prints, key chains and bookmarks that will be put up for sale. Hopefully, we will start selling in a few weeks time depending on our curriculum. Plus, we will be trying our best to provide an online etsy shop. Details soon!!

Obviously, all of my works in progress and the ones done are all related to my artistic interest which is awesome for me (yay for positive stress). But I have been neglecting my academics, which is bad. And if you’re wondering, I’m not doing it on purpose. I guess I’m just bombarded with responsibilities and panic attacks thinking about my future and so there. Downhill academics.

Speaking of academics, I have to get back to studying for my periodicals…

But before I bid farewell for the meantime, here’s a new music video release of MGMT featuring the song Your Life is a Lie that will appear on the album that they will release soon.

What do you think of the new song?

Boring? Fresh? Disturbing? Awesome?

I want to know what you guys think!

Is our life a lie?

S.S. signing out.