New School Year Slaps My Face + “Do I Wanna Know?” , New Material by Arctic Monkeys

Application forms, trashy internet connection, psychedelic music videos, so-called “filming” and “studying”, trips, concerts and some shitty moments on the sides with my varying mood swings. Sometimes, I ask myself… How the hell did I survive this summer? More over,  MY HIGH SCHOOL LIFE(except my last year)  And when I try to answer that, I still have self-doubts. (And scared, by the way)

So here is the school year slapping my face to study (which I will do sooner or later, lol) and get nervous for my college entrance exams. No doubt this will be the most pressured year of my life, taking the exams that will determine my fate, hold an organization/club as president,at the same time,  juggle my academics.

I try to chill in between. I TRY. And it’s hard. Talk about pressured fun.

Speaking of “pressure”, today, we just had our screenings for Arts and Crafts Club. We had a good number of applicants. We basically had them lineup and place their bags in the other side of the Arts and Crafts Room and sign up. Made them sit down while patiently waiting for the instructions. I felt the newcomers absolutely pressured. I was explaining the instructions to some latecomers for the screening and they were making weird faces, trying to compose themselves. The First challenge was to make a free standing paper sculpture . You can do anything EXCEPT use glue or tape. The second challenge was letting them interpret Viva La Vida by Coldplay by drawing for a limited time on a piece of paper. The third challenge was to answer the questions given with a nice attitude and interest to the club and respect to the officers. Finally, their five best artworks presented to the moderator which will undergo 2nd time processing under the officers and seniors for the final verdict. There was even an applicant who refuse to speak… and my reaction in my mind was “Seriously?!”.

But kidding aside, I find it nerve wracking myself, especially that more expectations will become of me from my new moderator, Sir Benjie Apostol and of course with my fellow co-officers and lovely seniors. It was fun earlier criticizing works and deciding whether one applicant failed or passed. But yeah, I’m still bitter (but thankful) I got REJECTED on my first audition and I had to say, I was bad at shading, composition and proportion back then. I had to say I improved A LOT from the experience.

But hey, I think rejection is good. Basically , it what keeps me going, so why not?! I think failing it on your first try won’t really define your maximum capability.

So, FAILURE? REJECTION? Do I wanna know? I basically don’t care.


And presenting, one of my favorite bands, releasing NEW MATERIAL, (I just can’t…NO WORDS) makes me anticipate their future releases and eventually their full album. Fans-turned- haters, move over, Arctic Monkeys is making a good move and definitely getting back on track. Check out the music video they released today.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Two more effing days till the long weekend for Manila residents and students.

S.S., signing out.

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