On Set: Arts and Crafts Club 2013-2014 || Speed Painting 06.10.13

IMG_0808Last few days, I’ve  been thinking of ways to make our video presentation for the Club Orientation have that chill, freestyle feel. I have to say, everything was all of the sudden. I just had to solicit photos from my seniors while saying “hi” and chitchatting, looking for appropriate music, struggling on how on earth I will throw them together in Windows Movie Maker (I’m not good at video editing. I literally suck). After a few thoughts, I have finally resorted to message up one of my friends, who is also part of the club, Camille, to decide whether is this actually doable. And she said “Yes, it is.”. We were planning a Speed Painting insert on the video.

People who came were Yeji Kim, Via Man and Camille Luy, my co-seniors from my club and my co-officer, Sedona Garcia. The pictures here were taken by either me or them. I’m kind of sorry for the few who went for this. Instead of spending their last day of summer for leisure, they went to waste their time on my idea. I’M TOUCHED. I mean, WHO DOES A PAINTING COLLABORATION A DAY BEFORE SCHOOL  (lol) Guys, if you’re reading this, please know that I love you guys (from my heart). Afterwards, I just threw them on Windows Movie Maker.

Kidding aside, I think the activity was a good way to start the school year, especially getting to know , or better yet “bond” with some of the members, and how will we do if we do a speed painting or a collaboration in the future. By the way, this is not the video we will present but, I just made this for the sake of the effort.

I’m really excited for the coming school year as a club president. I hope all will cooperate.

I have so many plans.

All efforts to God!

So here is the video that I threw off for a miscellaneous video exclusively for the speed painting!


I hope you enjoyed the video!

Peace out.