Mr. A-Z live in Manila 2013


(source: instagram, @hellotristan)

Jason Mraz has been a part of my extensive playlist of songs after my brother has introduced him to me a year ago. I became a not-so-instant fan but as I played over his discography, I fell in love with his love songs like “A Beautiful Mess” and some kick-ass songs like “Fuckin’ Did It”. Finally, my brother and I were able to watch him live.

Yesterday, May 14, 2013 was the day he graced the stage of the Big Dome, also known as the Araneta Coliseum for a one-night performance with special guest, Ms. Zendee.

The night started strong with Ms. Zendee’s opening act featuring her first debut album, “I Believe” and I just love her duet number with Jason of “Lucky”. Of course, a live favorite and for only concert performances, “Fuckin’ Did It”.

The night was short, and the fans and spectators wanted more from the man. Good thing he gave an encore! I just love how Mraz and his awesome band tackles each album, mixes them all together, adds transition and emit a lovely vibe that everyone adores.

I love the humour, the spontaneity and the music all combined.

Had a great night.Mraz 3

Mraz 1

Mraz 2

Mraz 4

I hope to see Jason Mraz soon with his new album and probably another tour!~

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