D.I.Y.: Tea Bags for your Loose Tea + SOTD: “Don”t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)” by Regina Spektor


From one of my previous posts on TWG , remember I bought some loose tea? Yes I did. The problem is that I didn’t have those tea filters and small tea pots to accommodate a small amount of tea for personal consumption. Plus, tea filters from TWG were ridiculously overpriced for 5 something pieces (the tea itself is gold).  So I decided to make my own, ran to the grocery and grabbed some coffee filters.

And if you want to customize your own tea, or give tea as a gift, this DIY  can come in handy.

Materials needed: Coffee Filters (I prefer the cone type ones, so you won’t cut anymore) , Crochet Thread, Crochet Hook (any size),Scissors, Stapler,Colored Paper/Cardstock, Box (optional)

First, Do crochet chain stitches to your length of desire. Just make sure you leave  some threads at one end where you will attach cardstock to. Second, after cutting the ends, cut some desired shapes on the colored cardstock using scissors. Third, Glue the cardstock ( 2 pieces) to be sticked against each other with the thread in between. Fourth, Fold the cone shaped coffee filters by following the figures below. Lastly, insert the other end of the crochet thread on the triangle flap and staple it together.


  I even made super cute envelopes for single samples that I plan to give to my friend, Mimi, who likes tea as much as I do.


There are a lot of different loose tea recipes in the internet.

This might be a perfect gift to your mom friends, moms in particular or tea enthusiast.

I hoped you enjoyed this small D.I.Y. of the day + SOTD

In addition to this D.I.Y. is this SOTD by Regina Spektor, “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)”. I simply love her voice. Maybe play this on while doing this DIY?

Anyways, I hope you have everything set for your Mother’s Day, even the most simplest gift will do. Just make sure it comes from the heart.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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