D.I.Y.: Le Pinhole Camera + SOTD: “Would That Not Be Nice” by Divine Fits

I would want to collect toy cameras, but I know that would come in a somewhat hefty price,so a good old  research may be of great help in selecting my first. And while surfing through YouTube and on a blog, I saw these D.I.Y. tutorials on making an homemade pinhole camera.

And believe me, I laughed. I would just shrug saying, “That  isn’t possible. A working homemade camera? Are you kidding me?”.

Starting with the small D.I.Y., I didn’t know how to actually start. Where to get materials? And more importantly, Where to get film in this day of the year? I just grabbed my old jewelry chest, old acrylic paint, cardstock, mod podge, cartons, nails and few metal thingamabobs. With a few help, I managed to get some pretty good progress. For the film, I went to a nearby local store and the cashier just laughed imposing I was “old and outdated”. Ouch. But luckily, SM North Edsa’s Columbia Photography Store got what I had. Some 35 mm films.


Here is a photo of the camera in progress.
I had few alterations and improvements by making a shutter. Finished the project by doing it in a few hours for testing the film.

(But I’m still hoping I can really get a golden half, a la sardinia…or an instax wide format maybe?)

Anyways, I hope I can develop the pictures very soon that I took with my homemade pinhole camera and share them with you guys!

I’m still taking pictures while soul searching.

It’s the thrill of taking pictures on film. It’s like taking unexpected images, because you wouldn’t know how it looks. It has it’s own movement and mind. They’re like time capsules waiting to be developed.

Anyways, you can check out more tutorial videos on YouTube or the tutorial I used from the blog, A Beautiful Mess ~ http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2010/04/diy-monday-pinhole-camera-howto-part-2.html

I just love Elsie and Emma’s blog so much. They totally inspire me a lot! You should check them out.

I hope you enjoy making your own pinhole camera!

A plus for you guys is this Song Of The Day by Divine Fits, Would That Not Be Nice“. I just love the flowy instrumentals, the synths and the e. guitar that gives it an edge that’s not so overpowering. I hear the band, The Kills, in this song. Let’s all chill out for the weekend!

Thanks for reading.


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