Passion or Practicality?

Most of us, from teenagers who seek advice for a “proper” college course to “torn in between” entrepreneurs and businessmen still ask if they are really up for the harsh reality of pursuing their passion/s or embracing the demands of the market. And sad to say(?), I am one of the few teenagers who have realized far before my High School years that my passion, Arts, is one of few industries that is hard to climb and to be known for. Of course, I have thought about the talent , what the market “wants”, the competitors and the guts to prove the “No-money-in arts” stereotype. But either way, I still proceeded with my hobby turned into passion.

Now that I am 15 years old, an incoming high school senior, the thought of a college course is still unclear to me whether or not to apply for Business Managament/ Entrepreneurship or Bachelor in Arts, Multimedia Arts. A very tough choice. A question that stood still through the years and I am still dumbfounded about the answer.

Not underestimating the Arts industry, (because underestimating it would degrade my own passion) I am afraid that my love for visual arts when turned into a business might lead to me hating it (I know it sounds weird, but its how I see it) or it might not provide me enough money for a living. On the contrary, I would like to pursue it because I am afraid that I might lose the only talent that I will surely and always will be proud of.

In the business industry, there has been a lot of opportunities and a handful of jobs that are up for grabs, that is if you are qualified and dedicated enough though. And as I see my parents have maintained a rather middle-class lifestyle, sending us 6 children to the best schools in the country, gives us luxuries occasionally, needless to say, being a negosyante or an entrepreneur slash businessman/businesswoman is quite the catch to earn good money.

Don’t even think about combining it together. I might explode.

Kidding aside, I have seen successful artists that more often have graduated overseas, that have parents belonging to the industry long before, or just plain dedicated to reach it, has survived and has been surviving.

If you would ask me, I would marry Arts over any course. But is it really for me? Can my passion provide me enough of it to feed myself? Or do I face reality and just go with what the world is demanding of me?

How about you? What would you choose? Passion or Practicality?

What’s your opinion?

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