SOTD: “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me” by Jay Reatard + Nocturnal Emotions

Some great Alternative Rock slash Indie vibe from Jay Reatard today. And what’s not to love about the old school music video? It’s just a catasrophe with a clown and obnoxious people around in a children’s party. This was a suggestion from Mr. Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop (Thank you for not being a snob!) . Though I think I’ve seen this music video before… probably some forgotten things I’ve heard.

(Nocturnal Emotions, Episode 33, April 24, 2013, Guest: Mr. Julian Casablancas)

Here’s another addition to the SOTD, an exclusive interview of Julian Casablancas from Nocturnal Emotions Podcast with Har Mar Superstar fresh from Thanks to a twitter friend who linked this to me! (Karen /1251st_)

Hope you enjoy these tidbits!

Thanks for reading!

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