Surreal Summer Sun Mixtape

And I’m back  with another mix!! (I can finally call it a mixtape)

I’m not really exposed to different music sharing platforms, and a few hours ago I found 8tracks, a Radio Mixtape platform. Very convenient and accessible, you can just stream it on the net. As usual, my mixes will be containing new sounds to my ears from my YouTube rummaging, and I have been doing it on a daily basis. An addition to those I have found are some old favorites that somehow contribute to the collection that just might hit the spot.

Here is “Surreal Summer Sun Mixtape” for the month of April. As I have mentioned before, I pledged to make mixes every month this summer (until hopefully as I grace through this senior year)

Another plus is that my last playlist/mixtape “Summer Love (vol.2)” is now available on 8tracks

Thank you for reading!

Peace, Love and Music.


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