Anthony Fantano: The Needle Drop (Internet’s busiest music nerd)

Words cannot describe my love for Anthony’s (and not to mention Cal Chuchestas’) videos on Music reviews, questions and statements.

In my scavenge in YouTube, It was evident that he has compiled a pretty number of videos to call himself “Internet’s busiest Music Nerd”. Giving insights on albums has never been so objective and fun! Having 130 K followers and recieving a lot of requests to review specific albums, he is quite the man. And for the past few days that I have been listening to his videos, I have learned or somewhat grasped the other types of music that has been unknown to me. Well if I may say, a dip into the pool of water, I guess? Definitely knew more bands to listen to, and how he thinks about my favorite bands/ albums which made me sad at some point.But in any way, I’m not saying that you or I should also feel the same way as he does for certain or most types of music, albums or bands. Nobody is right or wrong. We have our own tastes, preferences and opinions.

But here’s the catch, we are given the idea on how to criticize or cover music. For the nth time, exposure to different kinds of it. And I really stayed for the knowledge. I became more passionate for music and hopefully knowledgable (?).

Totally worth checking out.

Music. Anthony Fantano. Forever.

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