Coachella Inspired Fashion + Philippine Summer Festivals To Watch Out For


Coachella Festival. One of the largest annual music festivals in the world. And who wouldn’t want to come? It is known for its loaded lineup with different genres and artists. And last April 12-14, it had a free live webcast on YouTube! (which made me depressed and made me cry hard while watching in Davao ;__; ). Located at Coachella Valley, Indio, California, it makes the perfect place to freely express yourself and be wild for the music, even just for the weekend.


(my own recent illustration )

Coachella Fashion has a league of its own. This 3-day festival is loaded with camping and people dressed like hippies. Mostly described as “comfortable fashion”, with the heat, dirt and walking , it is the way to describe it.

From my research, suprisingly, Philippines has alot of festivals and concerts going on. Just shocking and awesome. One of the most anticipated outdoor music festival featured in one of my blog posts before was, Wanderland 2013 happening at May 18. So, I’ve decided to post on this “Survival Guide” type of fashion. (No doubt, this will be Coachella- ish event)

Outfit and Footwear


(photo from

Katy Perry in Coachella 2013

No doubt, singer Katy Perry, opted for a sundress with a floral print and sunnies. Flowy clothes like these make it easier to move around and dance while in the concert. Maxi Dresses are not advisable since you will be sitting down once in a while, so probably keep things short and breezy.


(photo from

In this outfit, Vanessa Anne Hudgens opted 2 piece outfit, a crochet crop top paired with denim shorts. An ooutfir like this can be paired with closed toe sandals, keds, converse or your best bet, boots.

Low heeled boots are the most ideal choice for outdoor festivals or mosh pit types of concerts. Simply because when you get stepped on, it won’t hurt much and since it may get muddy (in case it rains) it won’t be much of a hassle with some dirt going on. Boots with some heels give you a little height for some concert watching.

Ideal stores to buy festival slash summer themed outfits, accesories and footwear:


With their new collection “Walking on Sand” ,it is most likely you’ll find your festival slash summer themed clothes in no time.

Forever 21

One of the most famous retail stores. In forever 21, look out for those loose clothing, and tons of crop tops everywhere. I bought a buttoned high waisted shorts once, made of a soft denim-like material, it became one of my favorites!


Believe it or not, this craft store sells one of the most adorable pieces of accessories and not to mention, affordable ones. I got a beaded necklace from this store that was only priced 150 pesos. They sell more of the “vintage” stuff.

Call it Spring

They have floral booties. That I saw in Resorts World Manila, That I didn’t get to buy o.o ( I will get back to that soon…) Tons of good looking footwear.

My Favorites


Feathered Headband and Floral Headband, Forever 21, Beaded Necklace, Papemelroti, Instax Mini 8, Lil’ Whims (Check out post on where to buy Instax Cameras/Films/Polaroids in Manila)

“Survival Kit”

Coming from a person who hasn’t been to any festival, this is funny. But anyways, festival virgin or not, it is obvious that you will be needing these into you bag.
Sorry for the crappy photo, the scanner isn’t working with me… D8
Anyways, if you can’t see, it says:

-photo ID (mostly required for ticket purchase verification)
-SPF 50 (the higher, the better)
-extra set of clothes (make sure it can be easily worn)
-cheap sunnies (so you won’t whine in case you lose or break it)
-wet and dry tissues
-instax (optional, but they are adorable, so you probably must if you have one)
-blotting paper
-lip and cheek tint for touch ups
-floppy hat
-flip flops (optional)
-beach blanket (to sit on)
-umbrella or poncho (in case it rains)

For your bag, most probably, you’ll need a hands free bag to freely move and dance.

For example, this bag I bough in Davao can be a backpack or a body bag. A cheap steal. Plus, it has cute printed details in a quilted fashion.

If you’re going to a beach, just throw in your essentials in a open mouthed bag, or a beach bag preferably. An example is my Louis Vuitton bag. (NOT FOR FESTIVALS, you need to be hands free…)

Hairstyle and Makeup

imageI got this Hairstyle in one of Look’s YouTube Video on Coachella Hair. Personally, I like to keep things disheveled and natural looking. Same goes for makeup. I use a sunscreen underneath BB cream (tinted moisturizer) and a cheek and lip tint. Done!

Here is the video on Coachella Hair by Look

Go to Festivals

Close Up Summer Solistice

A party, sunrise to sunset event, happening at MOA concert grounds on April 27. Featuring several international bands and local bands.

Wanderland Festival

Happening in May 18, A one day festival featuring 8 International bands and 4 Local bands. All Indie Bands @ Crcuit Makati

Summer Peace Festival 2013 (SPF 13)

Happening in April 26- 28 (Cagayan de Oro Leg) and April 30- May 1 (Zamboanga Leg). A 3-day festival featuring talents from New York, Berlin, Barcelona and local bands. With workshops, different activities and live art.

Circuit Fest 2013

Music and Skate Fest @ Circuit Makati happening on May 25th featuring 9 international bands, and a live skate exhibition. (


If you aren’t going to any outdoor festival or concert, its okay… (I KNOW IT ISN’T) If I could just be shipped to LA for the 2nd weekend… Anyways, if you’re in the Philippines, hopefully you can go into at least one. But if you can’t, just whip up this Coachella look on the Beach or when you’re in vacation!

The possibilities are endless…

Thanks for reading!

(Crap I was supposed to upload this last 3 pm, but shit happens…)

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