2013 Summer Love Playlist (vol. 2)

Since last summer, (Or whatever, I’m too lazy to recall) I made a playlist. Few days ago, I have decided to make it a tradition every summer to make one just so I see how my taste of music evolves or widen (?). So just to make things convenient for you guys, I made a compressed file of the compilation.

It just basically contains some of the songs that I really liked that I’ve decided to share. Some bands that contributed to the compilation were favorites and some that are new ones from my scavenge in YouTube. (A very fun scavenge indeed! ) I hope you get hooked up to the playlist (or at least one song).

It’s actually late for a summer playlist but really, the one I did before was forgotten. So I named the series Summer Love vol. x. Hopefully will do this annually.Art cover

(cover art by myself )

 Most of the songs are indie/alternative rock. Not a fan? why not give it a try?

Download the playlist here

Tracks best enjoyed on a sunny day in the beach and getting a sun-kissed skin. Stay tuned for more stuff this summer.

Thanks for reading!

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