Old Soul Wishlist

Resized-for-Blog11.) La Sardinia El Capitan

This cute analog camera has caught my eye since I saw it on the website and someone told me it was a good buy for an analog camera. Last December, I bought my Instax Mini 8 and didn’t regret it, I hope buying (hopefully) this lomo wouldn’t also be one! I just remember my childhood when I myself was lugging around a toy camera before (A bratz version) that used film as well. I want to relive those analog days!

Check it out here on http://www.teammanilalifestyle.com/news/index.php?id=213

Spin_45_Open2.) Crosley Spinnerette USB Turntable in Red

This red “lunchbox” pretty much holds inside a kind of modern turntable and speakers, and a plus here, its also applicable for USB, can let you listen through headphones and let you play your granny’s (or yours) old vinyls.

Check it out here on http://www.heimastore.com/product-details.php?crosley-spinnerette-usb-turntable-red=418

Cath-Kidston-Guards-Suitcase3.) Guards Kid Suitcase

I have probably realized I need one of these sturdy suitcases, in their smaller versions for my art supplies, either I’m at home or planning a trip somewhere, there’s no stopping me from sketching of painting! I also love the guard details here, makes it more playful and cute looking, don’t you agree?

Check it out here on http://www.cathkidston.co.uk/p-17695-cath-kidston-guards-kids-suitcase.aspx?

So there! Those are the things that I’d like to share with you guys, thanks to some refferals, inspiration from my fave artists and shops, I found out about these awesome stuff.

They are a bit pricey, but if you have the budget and the capacity, why not? But personally, I am broke and therefore will not be able to buy these stuff ( Even if I beg to my parents lol) Plus recently, I had big purchases on 2 concerts and trips… so yeah. Anyways, I hope you guys liked these!

Thanks for reading. Good day!

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