Days Spent Indoors

It was quite boring for the past few days. Basically too hot to go outside or it was raining too hard to play. So to let my free time pass by, I attempted a little bit of painting some random stuff in my room. Like my mood board that I was too lazy to fill up. Basically, I could just stick the word “BORED” on it. (trying to be funny, lol)

I snipped a color I wanted and sent it to a nearby paint store. Got the pretty teal color in a 1/4 liter quantity in a can for 50 pesos. Got a random brush downstairs, started painting the board, the flower stems from my dresser that had its petals wilting already, reused one of my old canvases, started some crochet for an owl pillow, created a instant photo banner, etc… The colors that I’m loving right now are teal, mango yellow and a punchy hue of orange. Totally refreshing for this summer! P3261348P3261346P3261353P3261355P3261356

But one nice thing came in today! It was my mom’s gown from Coexist, fashion brand and couture house owned by Ms. Camille Co. The gown had an intricate design on its cleavage area and sprinkles of beading were scattered. It was built with a corset and it was gorgeous. Plus, my mom got me a dress and kind of required to go with me (lol) to the event in Baguio for a wedding.


Basically, that’s it! Hopefully, I will be lugging around my camera on my future trips. I hope everyone is having a great and fruitful summer! Thanks for reading.