Where to get Instax Films (plus is an instax really for you)

The Instax, a instant photography camera developed by Fujifilm has been viral not only in Japan, but mostly Asia and the US.

Since brand, Polaroid has stopped production of their impossible films, its is quite a heavy price tag to pay the ‘original’ or the ‘first’ instant camera. Thus, Fujifilm developed Instax to bring back instant photography in a cheaper, more modern type.

But before I start listing where to buy instax films in manila, here are 2 simple questions to ask yourself whether instant camera is for you.
Do you have the budget? — Price for the units may vary from P3500.00 to P7000++. Plus, films in catridges may be pricey for P400 and up. Taking pictures more often can drain your pocket if you do…. but you know, its really up to you.

Are you not OC on your photos?— More often, it cannot be avoided that you will have bad photos like I have below


Actually, on my first try of the instax, I wasted 1 whole catridge which was overexposed. Meaning, it couldn’t print anymore photos thus, blank images appear.
To cut the long story short, you must enjoy the process of taking the pictures and is not afraid to waste some.

If you said yes to these 2 questions, then having an instant camera, more likely, an instax is for you.

Where to buy films!
Here are some shops that I have visited. These are tried and tested shops that sure have a variety of films and other accesories you might just need.

Instax Manila— I have tried their shipping method which was actually very convenient.

Lil’ Whims
I have tried visiting their cutesy shop atThe Collective, Makati which has a wide array of films, accesories, and if you have the old polaroid, they have the impossible films too. http://www.polaroidph.com/tag/instax-films-manila/

Here are some photos of my instax photos:
Handy, leather bag I got at Lil’Whims


An awesome 5 pack film I got from a fam. friend in Japan.

Shot fom my recent prom


Some films are also much cheaper in Hong Kong and Japan, so if you have the time and the convenience, why not? 🙂

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂