Test Illustration and Summer Plans slash Vibes

I am obviously bored. And staring at blank pages of my sketchbook is tempting. So to start off summer, I am starting small. Here’s a sketch I decided to color in with watercolor.


And hey it’s summer!
Speaking of summer, we can lay our hair down, paint our nails and do almost whatever comes to our mind.
For now, the only destination that’s scheduled is my trip to Singapore with mom and my relatives. I wish to explore stuff I haven’t seen there because its my 3rd time going there.


Also this summer, my friend and I would finish up our songs finally with a drum machine online plus keyboards slash synths.
Our band called Lost Kids of The Attic will be releasing songs soon! It would be a mix of indie and alternative rock so watch out for that! 🙂


Just a few hours ago, I started reading 1Q84 and its quite good. Haruki Murakami has been one of my favorite authors since. I will share a book review ASAP!

I hope I will be very busy this summer. I don’t want to waste time on nothing! 🙂

How about you? What are your plans for summer? 🙂

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