My 3 Much Awaited Albums of 2013

The Strokes, MGMT and Arctic Monkeys are about to release their much awaited albums this 2013. And yes, I am one of those people who waited so long for these announcements! These 3 bands are part of my ultimate favorite bands that I have been listening to and basically just respect their discography.


For The Strokes, they have released singles such as “One Way Trigger” and “All The Time” that have brought some fans to shock especially for One Way Trigger because for some fans, it doesn’t sound like the traditional edgy alternative rock they have heard for the past few albums. Writer from Rolling Stone Magazine, Rob Sheffield said that has the band is obviously not enjoying, trying synth-y moves but can’t quite recapture old glory.

I, myself was shocked too at first, kind of awkward with the sound of ‘One Way Trigger, but eventually, when I listened to it several times, that was the only time I have appreciated the experiment they have made. It was a twist of technobrega, cheesy synths and the falsetto voice of lead singer, Julian Casablancas, It is understood that the band is growing, evolving and it is most probably, it is a good thing.

Here are the links to the singles:


MGMT, one of the psychedelic rock bands that produced much unique sounds are back to release their album, with one of their popular singles “Kids“, Andrew Vanywyngarden said that it will not be for everyone, some bad news to the people who will be waiting for a similar tune/feel of the “Kids”.

With their song “Alien Days“— that was released few months ago, will be part of their album. The song was said to give a feeling that parasitic aliens have invaded your brain, controlling things. Andrew has added that they will add songs that will help the listeners “get back to earth…”

Here’s a link to the single:


Last, but no the least, are the Arctic Monkeys, which will be releasing their album in the year, giving themselves more time. It was said to be more heavy and louder, like one of their successful singles, “R U Mine? , saying that their album “Humbug” was unfairly criticized.

I hope you guys try to listen to these guys because, they are, obviously awesome. To start of with The Strokes, “You Only Live Once“, Arctic Monkeys’, “Hellcat Spangled Shalalala” and MGMT’s ,“Kids

I hope they become one of your favorites too! Enjoy listening!

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